Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Farm Frenzy

Our Columbus Day weekend was a farm frenzy. It was the first weekend that we have had absolutely nothing we "had" to do. Oh how I love that. We started the weekend off here at Ponemah farms in Amherst NH. We were driving by and saw the Red Sox pumpkins and had to stop. Of course I had my camera with me, so this turned out to be a photo op.


Tinker Road for some pictures of the view! I am a true New Engender. I sound like one, I act like one, and I love being one. I love having the four seasons, even know it's more like 2 (summer and winter), but I absolutely love Fall. By far this is truly the most beautiful time of year. The air smells like pumpkins and leaves. The pumpkin patches are ready to be picked. You can go Apple picking. Paul decorates the yard. I can wear my big baggy sweaters with my jeans and flip flops. I love it.

It was the perfect weekend for apple picking. That was obvious by the amount of people at Parlee Farm. Nana and papa cam with us and we all picked apples, played in the hay maze,Tractor rode, ate apples, and cookies and of course their magnificent donuts (I don't like donuts, nor do I eat them, but those apple cider donuts smell amazing). Yep, and I took more pictures.

Next stop: Farm in Tynsborough

I don't even know the name of the farm we went to, but we try to go every year to get our hay and cornstalks for the yard. They seem to be the cheapest in the area. They also have a gorgeous view.


I hope you all had as good as weekend as we did. Happy Fall Y'all.