Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We hit the " mother load" at Parlee Farm

Blueberries and silly kids make a great day. The picking was plentiful, and so was the laughter of the kids. Good time had by all.

The flowers are in full bloom, and the butterflies are gliding from flower to flower. We were just lucky enough to have time things so perfect with this butterfly

on your mark, get set, Go...............Pick those blueberries.

"So Happy Together"


Kerry said...

Cute pics! Love Abbey's dress...did you get that from the friend that you are always doing fun things and then posting on your blog? Or from the friend that you have &*^%* to do when she calls after not seeing her for a month.

Pia said...

Great pictures! I know you are too busy with your other friends for your 2 bff's, but I don't mind being last on your list!