Saturday, August 30, 2008

My babies in Kindergarten

Can you Believe it? My baby is in kindergarten. I didn;t think it would have bothered me as much as it did. It is a tough day when you realize that your baby is growing up.
anyways, he did better than expected. he met a new friend that he really enjoys, and doesn;t live far from us. He left his blankie at home (Abbey told you that he definately couldn;t bring that to school). I did have his blanket in the car and ready for him, and he was so happy to have it. By the end of the day He was exhausted. When it was time for bed he asked me to pick him up, and when I replied no, he said"please mommy, you baby boy is so tired". Oh my goodness. Does he play the heart strings or what?
The next day he went a full day and when it came to walk in with the teacher, he went right in like a champ. Like I said. My baby is growing up. Enjoy everday you can, you can't get those days back. There only babies for such a small time.

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Pia said...

I know where does the time go? I am not ready for the K days or the college days, which in my case will be the same time!