Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For the Love of Princess

To say it has been a rough week is putting it mildly. As many of you know, Princess has had a rough year. She has mouth surgery, GI issues and more GI issues. She is 11 years old and has been one of the loves of my life. Princess is not only a amazing dog and pet, but she represents so many memories for us. When Beanie babies were "big", and going for a lot of my money, I sold mine to purchase her. She was the smallest, most gorgeous puppy I have ever seen. She is my country dog. I bought her at a flea market in North Carolina. She was my surprise for Paul. . I never told him that I was buying a dog, so to his surprise there she was she was sitting on the bed looking oh so cute. She is my perfect lapdog. She is my Princess.
Well, anyways, she was not feeling well this weekend and it was evident in her face. I figured it was just another GI event. Well, when I woke up at 7am Monday morning, she was nowhere to be found. I called her, I looked all over. When I looked on the other side of my bed, there she was flat out on the floor looking completely out of it. She was cold and non responsive. Oh course I panicked. I called the Vet and she said to meet her there at 8am. I dropped the kids off at the neighbors, who so nicely got them off to school, and I flew to the vet. When I got there the vet took one look at her and grabbed her and bought her out back. She came back and told me that this time was different then the rest. This time she was really sick. She was presenting with neurological issues, her body temp was down. The words stroke, brain tumor and brain bleed came up. She told me to go home and she would evaluate her more and call me later. Well, after 1 1/2 in the hospital, it turned out that Princess had a hypoglycemic reaction. This happened because her stomach was sick, so she really hadn't been eating. so, they gave her meds did some test and sent us home.
The end result? They are not real sure why she keeps getting stomach sick. The Vet has a gut feeling that there is something more serious going on. She gave us the option to continue and do more test, which would cost a ton of money, or take her home on a bunch of scripts and prescription food and see how she does. Well, after the $800.00 vet bill, we decided to take her home and see how she does. so, we started giving the pills last night and it is not fun. We have tried tricking her with every kind of food possible, but she won't go for it. So, I have to literally shove my finger down her throat to get her to take these pills. I hope for Princess's sake and my own she gets better soon.
Some people have asked me how much longer will I go on with this, and how much more money will I spend. My answer, until I feel like Princess and I can;t do this anymore. I will wait for princess to tell me enough. It is so hard when you love something so much. Unless you are a complete animal lover (which I am) you will never understand. I do this for the love of Princess.

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Heather said...

I hope Princess is feeling better and isn't in any pain. My heart breaks for your family!